No other chat rooms are safer, easier, more topical, or more fun than Meet The Friends.

We are a friendly group. The international community of naturists offers you a place to share experiences, to meet like-minded people and to just have fun together.

If you want to join the friends, then register here. If you have any question about the chatroom use the help-function on the registration page. Or feel free to send us an email:

But don't forget, this is a family chatroom. If you can't say it in church, you shouldn't say it here.

PLEASE NOTE: Although private messages between chatters are available to you, they are now being closely monitored in order to maintain the integrity of our group of friends. Those who wish to violate our rules will be issued warnings by email. If we don't have a current email address, we will simply remove you from the roster.

If you intend to use the chat to ask personal or sensitive questions of chat members, or about their children, via private messages, you are not welcome here. There are a host of other places on the internet where you can pursue your fantasies. Just don't attempt to do it here.