Restful Haven West Coast Gathering Report
By Amor de Cosmos and CeCE

Marna (CeCe) and I (Amor de Cosmos) were two of the many happy guests at the Restful  Haven Western Gathering on July 18-20, 2003, near North Plains Oregon.  We were able to meet a number of familiar chatters for the first time and experience a three wonderful days of camaraderie with them. Shirley (Ore), FuzzyBare (Rusty, from BC), Dave (Ore)  met our host, Bob (Ore), aka Ancient One,  for a wonderful time.  Rusty also had some friends from Washington drop in to join us, as well.  

I can not overstate the wonderful hospitality of the Restful Haven staff and our host, Bob.  CeCe was able to take a two hour motorcycle ride on the back of Rusty's Gold Wing so she got to see a lot of the country side and got to know what a nice person Rusty is, too.  He is as dashing and daring on his Gold Wing, as she used to be when riding hers.  She and Shirley put together the expected payment and presented him with aa couple of bucks for gas and a bag of grass clippings and are looking for the donkey to give him as soon as the appropriate one can be found.

The facilities are so good at the club.  The pool was wonderful, the hot tub great and the club house so comfortable and so versatile we felt very pampered by being  there.  Further, the club members made is feel that we were a part of everything that was scheduled, even the gift drawing at the pot luck supper. Fortunately, none of us won a prize which, along with the merchandise, gained one a spot on the clean-up committee thanks  to President Pam's wicked senses of humor and propriety.

The grounds are immaculately kept by Ernie, the club manager. The club roads, really carved out of a second growth forest, are a model of how it should be done.  The surface is so well designed and kept, they are safe for motorcycles and golf carts.  The cabins are situated on flat lots with great views of the club common areas.  Vice President Steve is always available for tours and enlightening conversation about the club.  And to top it all off, The AANR Bulletin carried a wonderful article about the gathering and picture of some of the participants.

The gathering was a triumph of cordiality, good humor and warmth and relaxation. Next year's gathering is being hosted by Shirley, at the Willamettans, in Marcola, OR. I hope we see all of you there, laughing and socializing with us.

Amor and CeCe