We departed from Miami on American Airlines, direct flight to Cancun, one hour 20 minutes. Upon arrival we were impressed with the government services with in the airport, seems like there was someone who spoke English at every point from the gate to curbside. I was surprised with the dozen of government employees who were in the baggage claim area to give rate information on the various forms of ground transportation, and made sure you paid the right price, “seems there was a problem with price gouging in the past”. The Mexican government wants you to come back, so they go out of the way to make things easy and fair.

We opted for the van service $35.00 per person that made 2 stops between the airport and Hidden Beach, be sure you have the exact address as most drivers have not a clue where the resort is, we had maps from the web site and just pointed a lot. Oh if you have a weak heart close your eyes during the drive, Mexicans turn a 2 lane road with wide shoulders into 4 lanes as required, and their passing techniques is most interesting.

Once you arrive there will be a rather Grand Gated entrance with guard, and then a ½ mile drive down a beautifully landscaped driveway that is shared with the sister resort El Dorado, which is textile except during Nude Week sometime in May. When entering the tall wooden gates that separate the two resorts it become clear you, you are entering someplace very special, the grounds are impeccably manicured and there must be a dozen wild Peacocks that roam the grounds. The main office is in a detached round building with 25 foot tall thatched roof and tropical furnishings. We were greeted by John aka “ Chief of the Village” carrying a tray with cold champagne to help you into relax mode and it works. John takes his time explains the concept and how things work around the resort, remember this is an all inclusive resort, so do not worry about costs since all food and drink are included in what you have already paid, the exceptions would be special wines and massage services.

Upon entering our room, lying on the bed, the maid had turned a towel into a Swan and spread fresh flower petals around and they do this every day, “hey guys we do not care but it’s a big thing with the ladies”, tremendous view of pool and ocean - satellite TV plus each room had its own DVD players.

The pool bar is the center of activities and the in pool seating is just great way to relax. Next year the pool will be heated and that would be great during the cooler winter months of just high 70s. Ground floor rooms on either side of the bar have a flowing river pool that connects to the main pool, from the 21 rooms in each building on either side of the bar. The Swim up Suites have the river pool just a few feet away from the room and in the river pool each room has a table with seats.

Now let’s talk about the Food and Service­BOTTOM LINE JUST FIRST RATE!!!! Very nice breakfast buffets & cooked to order omelets, and there will be several waiters at your beckon call. Lunch is set up next to the pool, anything from a grilled chicken sandwich to tacos- to steaks, then waiters may walk around and tempt you with assorted fresh pastries and coffees served to you on the beach or in the pool. Dinner is just as decadent and you will see lobster tails to lambs chops and just a great variety of foods.

Now let’s talk about the extra’s that make a vacation special: Massages just a few feet from the ocean, an activities director to keep you busy with everything from, pool volleyball-stretch classes-body painting-Spanish lessons & Exotic drink making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Have Fun

Bob / Carla