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NIFOC chat is a friendly, and clean chat for all ages. All are welcome here, but will find most chatters are members of the nudist community worldwide. The subject matter of chat sessions do not necessarily pertain to nudity, however. Always feel free to "jump in" on the chat, make comments, ask questions, and have a good time.

We do have some restrictions, however. Conversations of a sexual nature, asking for nude photographs, adults attempting to "hook up" with minors, and the like are strictly forbidden. When the chatroom administrators receive complaint regarding such behavior in the chat, the offenders will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.

The NIFOC chat gives it's users the ability to send Private Messages [see One on One Messages below]. The above rules for the general chat also apply to the private messages. Please note: private message files are stored on the server for each individual chatter. The administrators of the chat room monitor the size of these files. The administrators reserve the right to read the private messages.

WARNING: Although private messages between chatters are available to you, they are now being closely monitored in order to maintain the integrity of our group of friends. Those who wish to violate our rules will be issued warnings by email. If we don't have a current email address, we will simply remove you from the roster.

Please report all abuse in the chat via email to the Administrators at:

You can copy the offending message directly in the chat and paste it into an email. This information will then give us the username, time, and the offending message.

PLEASE NOTE: Any attempt to use NIFOC chat to solicit or exchange nude photographs of any minor will be referred to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 13032.

The information below will help you as you enjoy chatting in NIFOC. Have a great time in the chat!

The Login Page

When you first go to the chat page you will encounter a page where you must enter your name and a password. Your username and password are both case sensitive. You must enter them exactly as you did when you first registered for the chat. If you enter your e-mail address other people will be able to send you e-mail inside the chat.

Enter Chat. Once you enter your name and password press the button that says Enter Chat and you will be taken to the chat room designated.

Where Are People. If you do not wish to enter the chat, but wish to see who is chatting, enter your name and password, and click on the button which says Where Are People and you will be taken to a page which lists all chatters in the room. From that screen you may also enter the chat, or use your browser's Back button to return to the Login page.

Profile. You may also tell other members of the chat about yourself by creating your personal profile. After entering your name and password, click on Profile and you will see a screen where you can enter personal information. There is no requirement to post a profile or even complete the entire profile.


The Control Panel

This is where you enter messages into the chat, choose emoticons, and exit, when you leave the chat.

The text entry field. is where you type your message. The text will automatically wrap from one line to the next. If you want a line break when your message is displayed to everyone else press return, otherwise just let the text wrap by itself.

You may also post a link to a web site in your message. ChatPro will recognize if you type in "hey, look at" and will automatically put the necessary html tags around your url so another person can merely click on your url like any other hyperlink. 

Next are a series of five buttons:

The Visitors List

The visitor's List is a pull-down entitled "Who is in This Room?". Upon clicking on this pull-down, you will see who is in the room you are in. Above this pull-down you will find in bold type That you are currently in: Lobby. A person's name is added to the visitors list when they enter the room, and a message is displayed in the message area saying that person entered. Their name is removed when they click "Leave" on the control panel and a message is displayed saying they left. If a person does not use the Leave button when they exit the chat, their name may remain on this list for as long as 20 minutes, even though they are not actually in the chatroom.


The Messages

Below the control panel are all the messages. The name of the person sending the message will be in bold followed their email address as a hyperlink (if they specified it when entering the chat). Following the email address, is a link to their profile at NIFOC, then the time (local time for the server) they sent the message, and on the next line is their message.


One on One Messages

Above is an example of how one on one messages look. "One on one" messages are for sending messages to one specific person.  Type your message for that person in the text field and then select from the pull-down menu the person you would like to send a personal message to. Then press the "Post" button to send it to them.

All one on one messages will appear preceded with "--> 1 on 1:". The message will appear as any other message, but it will be sent ONLY to the person you specify. Red text also helps to identify one to one messages.

Note: 1 on 1 messages are not to be used to circumvent the acceptable standards for open chat.


Using Emoticons

You may display emoticons using the drop-own Emotion list. Once you post a message, the emoticon will appear to the left of the message. Additionally, you may insert some of the emoticons in the middle or at the end of your text by typing it's name preceded by the letters "vis," e.g. vissmiley produces the smiley face at the end of the text below.


First Time User Registration

You must be a registered user to join the NIFOC Chat. Registration is easy and very fast. You must select a unique user name. You may choose any password. Note: Your name and password are case-sensitive. When you enter the chat, you must enter your name and password exactly as you did when you registered.

Enter your name and password. Then re-enter your password to verify you have entered it correctly. You must give an active email address. Your email address will not be displayed anywhere in the chat once you log in. It will be used to send a registration number to you from the NIFOC server. This is an automatic process and takes place immediately upon pressing the Register button (see image below).

You will then be taken to a screen  titled Application Processed (see image below). If you will now check your email, you probably have already received your registration number from Enter your name, password, and the registration number, and you will then be logged into the chat.



This help page has been adapted from the help page supplied with Chatpro by Command-O Software.