First Time Experiences

by JC/UK

My first experience of social nudity was in the Summer of 2000, at Laguna Del Sol, California. I live in England, so, had to catch a plane at some unearthly hour of the morning.....and those who know me will vouch that I am NOT a morning person! LOL. Anyway, as luck would have it, the flight was delayed by 90 minutes, which meant that I missed my alloted connection flight, through to Sacramento. This meant frantic phone calls from San Francisco airport to Sacramento, where Dave in OR was waiting to pick me up! Anyway, by five PM, we were headed out to Laguna, via a grocery store, where Dave bought enough food to feed the five thousand!! (Including some pancake mix, as I had remembered American style pancakes from a previous visit to the States......YUM!)

Anyhow, once we got to Laguna, we drove around for a while, looking for other chatroom folks.......and failing miserably to find any! This was soon sorted, though, when Rich Uncle spotted a tent trailer going past the restaurant (where everyone very sensibly had gathered) with an Oregon licence plate, and ran after us as if there was no tomorrow. =) Introductions over, we then proceeded to the area where everyone else had gathered, and Dave set up camp.

While Dave was setting up camp, I decided I needed a shower........and got my first real taste of social nudity! There was I, quite happily showering away, when from behind me comes a voice, "Hi there, how you doing"?......A female voice. I somehow managed to hold a conversation with a lady whom I later learnt was Hiker, and by the end of that shower, I was pretty well relaxed about this nudity stuff! I dont think she realised for a second what was happening there, but I will be forever grateful to her for sharing that shower block with me then!!!

Anyway, after that, Thursday evening went pretty well. Ponca Paul, JackF, Hiker, Rich Uncle, Dave and I sat round Daves tent trailer getting to know each other, and also getting a little relaxed, due to some cans somebody had inavertantly packed! LOL

Fridays breakfast was a communal affair, consisting of eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and sausage meat laced with Jalapeņos. I dont eat meat, myself, but am reliably informed that the Jalapeņos made all the difference! After breakfast, we went to the office (which had been closed by the time we arrived the previous evening) to register. At this point, Dave was informed that he was actually parked in an overflow parking area, and would have to move his trailer. This was done, and we found ourselves on the opposite side of the lake, camped under a Eucalyptus tree.

By Friday afternoon, I found the heat was getting a little too much for me, and unfortunately had to spend most of it, and a fair amount of Saturday inside. This meant I missed the arrival of Sugarbear, JC and Toots and one or two others. However, I managed to meet most of them later.

By the middle of Saturday afternoon, I was beginning to feel more like myself, so Dave and I went for a walk, along a trail which leads to a beach on a river. Dave (who almost religiously refuses to wear shoes!) discovered one or two spots where going barefoot was a little warm on the feet, but apart from that it was a nice stroll. We still dont quite know how we ended up outside the confines of Laguna, though!

Sunday was the day that most of the chatroom friends had earmarked for going home, so it was full of "Au-Revoirs" to a degree. However, by then I was getting used to the heat, and managed to get out and enjoy some of the facilities that laguna offers more fully. If you've never tried a hot tub, you should!

On Monday morning, we drove into Sacramento, where Dave dropped me off at a hotel, ready for my flight back to the UK on Tuesday. Dave (I beleive) had stayed an extra night at Laguna, for my benefit, and if I forgot to thank him then, I do so now.

Laguna del Sol is a truly beautiful place, and I consider myself lucky to have had my first social naturist experience there. I also consider it a priveledge to have met some wonderful people (hopefully not for the last time). I went to Laguna feeling very nervous, first of all, because it was my first social naturist experience. I also was extremely nervous about the fact that I am disabled, and at the time had to wear a urine collection bag at all times. I really wasnt sure what the reaction of other people would be to this. As it happened, there was ABSOLUTELY no reaction whatsoever, and I was far more concerned about it than anybody else at the resort, I think! I found that any nervousness I had about being nude in front of other people, disappeared within about half an hour. As far as repeating the experience is concerned, I am hoping to be able to return to the States in 2001 to participate in the gathering planned for Oregon. I was, before I went to Laguna, totally an "at home" naturist. Although I still practice naturism mostly at home, I can honestly say that going to Laguna has opened up a whole new experience for me, and I will definately be repeating it at some point soon. Below is a list, which is as complete as I can make it, of all the people who were at Laguna.

  1. JC and Toots
  2. Skinnydipper
  3. Ken(CA) and April
  4. JC/UK
  5. Jack F CA & Judy
  6. dave in OR
  7. Ponca Paul
  8. Scamp
  9. Sunchaser & Terri
  10. Newdbie
  11. Shell
  12. Wanda(CA)
  13. Rich Uncle
  14. Hiker
  15. Craw
  16. Sugarbear
  17. Luv2sun
  18. NWN, Strawberry, TG, and the babe
  19. Carl & Sharon
  20. Paul & Nanci
  21. Rhoda & Doug
  22. Reta & her husband.
  23. If I missed anybody out I apologise. I can honestly say, every single one of you made it an experience I will never forget.