Hiker's Lupin Get Together Report


Hiker's Summer Adventure!

As a new to nudity naturist, I anticipated a trip to California to meet with some "chat friends". We have been chatting in the internet chat  rooms, NIFOC and Cybernude for the last year or so and decided it was high time that we met.

I had never been to a nudist resort so this truly would be an adventure. I decided to drive down to Lupin Naturist Resort in California, a mere 1400 miles one way! Now i must admit that there was some trepidation in the plan see I had only been partially nude at a beach before this adventure and I have an ileostomy so I was concerned about how people would accept me. Several close nudist friends insisted that I need not worry about it, but I was still concerned.

I ignored my fears and made my plans. It was with some luck that friends would be at Sunny Trails during the time that I would be passing through the lower mainland of British Columbia. My plan was to meet them at Sunny Trails Club.Fuzzybare gave me directions that only had me searching for an hour or so for the club.

When I finally arrived, Fuzzybare was no where to be found, but the folks at Sunny Trails made me feel so at home and so comfortable, in no time I was naked and in the hot tub! Fuzzybare and his lovely wife Sharon showed up shortly after I hit the tub. We had a lovely evening chatting and meeting new friends! I promised to return soon, as I left Sunny Trails behind the next morning.

Next stop Restful Haven in Oregon where I would be meeting up with Ancient One!

Well, Ancient One had given me excellent directions, and I had no problem finding the club. Eventually Ancient One showed up, but in the meantime the folks at Restful Haven were very helpful, and showed me where I could put up my tent. There was break in the clouds and the sun broke through so I got naked and was relaxing when the clouds closed in and the rain began gain. I went out for dinner with Pat and Ancient One and then it was time to crawl into my tent and listen to the rain! I must tell you how nice a place Restful Haven is...a very well kept club with lots of green, green grass and hot tub and pool...and deer that roam the grounds without fear, something I learned a lot about in the days to come!

It was off to Lupin the next morning! The trip went very smoothly until we reached Los Gatos.....then the question became: "tell me Bob, where is the map??" Having forgotten the map we traveled all the back roads off highway 17 for about 3 hours and laughed ourselves silly! How could we not find it! Eventually with the assistance of a couple of firemen we found our way to the gate of Lupin!

We were met by Buck and Marjorie with open arms and many hugs! After relegating Bob to the "doghouse" and me to Yurt #2...we were ready to sleep very soundly!

In the morning I wandered up to the upper pool and being an early riser there were no humans about! As I was standing at one end of the pool, a doe came to the other end. She watched me for a short while and then brought her fawns out to play! What a joy to watch! The fawns running up and down the embankment like small children! This was to be a pleasure that I would take advantage of every morning that I was at Lupin.

As Bob and I were the first of the chatters to arrive at Lupin we spent a glorious day soaking up the sun and I came to realize that no-one cared about my ostomy, but they did care a lot about me as a person. The sun was hot and I was foolish so my body suffered from a certain amount of braising, but it was a small price to pay for the joy of being naked in the hot california sun!

Later in the day we were joined by a couple of friends from cybernude; california naturists! We had a great chat and enjoyed having dinner together that evening. We were all saddened by the news that one of the friends, Helmut, would be unable to join our gathering as he was in the hospital.

On Saturday, the rest of the friends began to arrive! Bearing in mind that most of us had never met each other before it is nothing short of a miracle that we all got along so fabulously. But then perhaps that is a trait of naturists! We spent the afternoon chatting and getting to know each other. Buck had a dance planned for us for saturday night. I must admit that I could not imagine dancing nude so I was covered when the dance started! There was Buck so wonderfully attired in his cap and vest, as he played the music that would have us all up and dancing! And yes, it did not take long before clothes were piling up on the floor! What a joy to dance naked! If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Skinnydipper, you might want to ask him how you spell YMCA.

On Sunday, we were treated to an afternoon tea dance complete with an 18 piece swing band! More chatting and happy times, until it was time for folks to be leaving. No-one wanted to leave, the setting so peaceful and tranquil and the company so very fine. Before everyone was gone we were already planning our next gathering. I for one will be sure to be there!

An aside that I must speak of: the gentle acceptance of all, by all the naturists. It does not matter a bit how your body is, they like you for who you are, not what you are. I was so quickly accepted that I often forgot about my ostomy. This gentle living in accord with life was also apparent with the wild life. The deer showed no fear of the inhabitants of Lupin; all lived together in complete peace and tranquility.

I myself  learned a lesson in fear, and how foolish it truly is. There were several skunks that called the yurt area home. In the beginning I was very, very nervous of these little critters, but as time went by I began to realize that they were not going to bother me if I did not bother them. Buck and Marjorie told me that in all the years they have been at Lupin, only one person was ever sprayed, and that came about because the person thought the skunk was a cat, and tried to pet it. So, I learned that man can live in harmony with nature, another lesson from the naturists!

On Monday we were clothed and took a trip to Monterey, and enjoyed a guided tour of the world class aquarium there. The jelly fish were my favorite! The evening we spent with sugarbear, and had a great visit!

On Tuesday, we packed our bags and headed up country, feeling happy that we had been there and sad that we had to leave so soon!

I am indebted to Bob, Marjorie and Buck for making it such a memorable trip. I did return to both Restful Haven and Sunny Trails on my way home, and so enjoyed the hospitality and friendliness of both! You can be sure that I will be taking every opportunity to return to a club and this time there will be no trepidation at all!

 To Skinnydipper, Sundance and Nancy, JC and Toots, Jack, Judy and Arlene, Rich Uncle, California Naturists, Buck and Marjorie, and Ancient One!  I love you all!