Papa Smurf’s Enlightenment

 My first step into the social nudism at the 2001 Best Coast Gathering in North Plains, Oregon.

I boarded a plane in Detroit at 7:00am and as the plane lifted in flight, I thought to myself  “Oh my God! I’m really going to do this, I’m going to a nudist resort.” I was scared, yet excited at the same time.

Arriving in Portland, where I was met by Dave (barefoot of course) and Ancient One. Dave then drove me out to Restful Haven, along with a few stops along the way for food and gas, while AO waited for Hiker’s plane to arrive. 

Upon arrival at the Resort, I was introduced to a gentleman named Ponca Paul, one of the group I had chatted with just a little bit, and then to Ernie, the “Club Host” and given a tour of my room and the grounds.  Arriving back to where Dave was setting up camp AO and Hiker had shown up and I was introduced to her. While I was standing around dressed watching Dave putting up his trailer, with Hiker and Bob, sitting back watching (after offering to help) all being in the nude, I began to feel a little out of place, but not quite ready to bare it all. After about 20 minutes at exactly 3:33 p.m. all my inhibitions were taken away as I disrobed, a little hesitant but determined to at least try. And from that minute on I was free, and it was glorious.

Friday morning came and I awoke and walked down from my room “au natural” and never thought twice about the state of dress I was in. Four of us had a wonderful breakfast fixed by Dave. Later, Kathleen (Ernie’s wife and all around wonderful person) opened the snack bar for us for lunches. (what a sweetheart). Soon after, JackF and wife Judy arrived and introduced to themselves. Dave challenged Judy to horseshoes and was soundly beaten, but not before being badly whooped by Hiker in Cribbage (I think it was a skunk game). Finally JC and Toots showed up late having run into traffic out of the Seattle area.  I spent my 40th birthday on Friday, and the group was thoughtful enough to have a cake and wish me happy birthday (you guys are great).

After another wonderful breakfast by Kathleen, we all spent time wherever sunshine was to be found and got to know each other a bit better.  JackF was air swimming (saying the pool was cold) and then teaching bee’s how to swim. (Yes!, you heard me).  Dave was having a problem with “barking spiders” or “backdraft” that day too.  Had long conversations with Jack and Judy and Tim and Paula (wonderful people), AO, Paul and Hiker about different resorts and people met etc. while getting to know these people who prior to the Gathering were just names in a chat room, but who now felt like family.  That night Tim cooked up steaks for the camp. Later, was a dance, and general good time by all.  AO was burning up the floor with Paula, Hiker and Judy. There we met another lady (oops, sorry) Donna - she of all those met can’t be described - you just had to meet her. 

Paul had left early Sun morning while everyone else was moving slow.  Jack and Judy departed next, with hugs and handshakes all around, after that Tim and Paula departed - another round of sadness. Bob(OR), AO and Dave left later that evening, leaving Hiker and myself there for one last evening.

Monday morning AO drove Hiker & I, to the airport, after breakfast at IHOP, and a short tour around the local area.  AO and I saw Hiker off with hugs and warm wishes for safe landings and I then went to my gate. The ride home was full of wonderful thoughts of the place.I’ll always remember as my breakthrough to freedom.

I would like to thank all those on NIFOC who took time to answer questions I had and encourage me to think about and at least try once the joy of Social Nudism.


Top Row: JC & Toots, JackF & Judy, Hiker, Bob(OR)
Bottom: Papa Smurf, Dave in OR (Backdraft), Ancient One, Ponca Paul