We recently received an article from a 17 year old.
It is well written and was given high reviews by several of our admins.
Social Nudism from a Teen's Point of View

After our members attend regional "GATHERINGS" they often wish to share their experiences. Below are links to some of their reports.

Tburd's 40 Acres Report

 Hiker's Lupin Report

Dave and Hiker's Report on Laguna del Sol

JC/UK's First Time Experience

Papa Smurf's Enlightenment at the 2001 Gathering in Oregon

Dianne's First Experience and  the 2002 Gathering in Oregon

Amor de Cosmos and Cece's Report on the 2003 Gathering in Oregon


Bob /Carla's trip to Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico


If you wish to submit a report for consideration, please e-mail it to: